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Guide to Oil Free Air Compressors

If an air compressors do not make use of oil, then you have an oil free or a screw air compressor. In this type of air compressor, screws are used to compress air without any oil seal. Comparing the oil free and its oil counterpart, oil free compressors cannot handle the same pressure capacity of compressors that use oil. Oil free compressors are also cheaper than air compressors using oil since their capacity and size are small.

Screw compressors come in three different types including the rotary screws, reciprocating air, and rotary centrifugal. You should purchase the type of screw compressor that fits the size and type of your operation. Among the oil free air compressors, one of the most popular is the rotary screw air compressor. It uses screws or rotors which maintain perfect alignment using timing gears. The risk of oil spills and contamination are reduced with the use of oil free compressors.

If you do small handyman jobs around the house, then a screw air compressor Is ideal for your needs. You can use two or three tools running at one with this type of air compressor. There are other uses of oil free compressors including medical research, and the food industry where it is unacceptable to have oil spills and run-offs. These types of compressors are also used in construction, auto manufacturing and repair industries to a certain degree.

Oil free generators have a shorter life than those that use oil. And, they are also not as durable and do not have the metal surrounding them to protect them when they get knocked around, since this is most likely to happen. However, with proper care and regular maintenance, the life of your oil free generator can be extended.

The size of your air compressor will determine the amount of power that you need. There should be a careful reading of the instructions that come with your oil free air compressor. The store staff will also know the power requirements of your new screw type air compressors so it is also good to ask them about it. There also has to be a consideration of the power requirement for the other tools that you will use. There should be enough amp power to run all of your equipment safely and effectively.

If you do online research, you will be able to get an idea of what you can purchase in the market. The best way to compare prices is by visiting many online stores that sell them. Make sure to buy only the air compressor that you need according to the budget that you have set. Quality should be preferred over cost when choosing a screw air compressor. Maintaining and caring for your oil free compressor is important so you must know how to do it properly. It is always wise to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure the safe and proper use of the equipment.

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