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How to Choose a Wi-Fi Adapter for Your Laptop When you buy one of the latest laptops in the market, you can be sure it has a decent Wi-Fi card or adapter. However, if your internet connection has been shoddy of late, you may want to get an external USB Wi-Fi adapter. There are a number of tests you can do to determine whether or not your laptop’s internal network card is working as required. The easiest way is checking your internet connection speeds. If you experience large delays when streaming movies online but your ISP speeds are fast, the problem is probably with the Wi-Fi adapter. Internal wireless network cards do not get as strong Wi-Fi signal as external wireless network cards. External wireless network cards get stronger signals thanks to their antennas. This means they can pick internet signals through multiple walls or floors that are between you and the router. The cards have better overall connection as there is lower data packet losses thanks to the antennas. There are times when buying an external wireless card will make sense even if the internal one is working properly. For example, the internal wireless cad may not be compatible with the current wireless standards and this may prompt you to purchase an external network card. Wireless technology continues to be improved every year. This is why the current wireless technology may not be compatible with the laptop you bought last year. Purchasing an external wireless adapter will allow you to take advantage of this new wireless technology.
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Sometimes, your laptop may be damaged and the internal wireless card stops working. In this case, you can either take the laptop for repairs or simply get an external Wi-Fi card. In most cases, internal Wi-Fi adapter cards are more expensive than external ones. At a laptop repair shop, you will have to pay for the cost of not only a replacement internal wireless adapter, but also labor for the technician’s service. On the other hand, an external wireless networks card will not require you to contact a technician for help with the installation. To start using the adapter, you will simply need to plug it into your laptop like you do with other USB accessories.
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You should not go for a wireless network adapter based on how it looks. Two similar looking adapter may work differently. Moreover, the number of antennas does not determine the strength of the adapter in terms of getting Wi-Fi signal. To choose the right wireless network adapter, consider its specifications. The easiest way to find out about the adapter’s specifications is to check the online.