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Understanding The Link Between Alcohol And Cancer.

Cancer is among diseases that people are scared of, and it is unfortunate that alcohol consumption is a predisposing factor to this scary disease. Alcohol intake makes a person susceptible to cancer in the colon, breast, and rectal area.

Its prevention is the primary way of avoiding this disease; alcohol consumption should be reduced. Prolonged alcohol use may cause organs like the liver to break down. When you drink alcohol, you directly expose respiratory system upper regions to alcohol, and this destroys the cells and in most cases leads to cancer. cancer of the liver is most likely preceded by alcoholic liver cirrhosis which develops after years of drinking.
Women, alcoholics are more prone to getting breast tumors due to the high alcohol levels. Chances of cancer become even higher in women who take alcohol and are born in a family that has cancer history. Alcohol is also known to cause lung cancers since most people who take alcohol do smoke and the two have carcinogens. Alcohol intake also results in other cancers such as esophagus, oral and larynx. So many types of cancers do exist, but little information is available as to how they are caused by alcohol.

Alcohol also contains carcinogens in a similar manner as cigarettes. By nature the usage of alcohol damages cells in your body. The damage caused to the cells can lead to changes in the cell functions which will activate uncontrolled cell division.

Our bodies are normally equipped with a natural way of defending against diseases. The defense system ensures we stay without diseases. Our immune system will work poorly if it is not well nourished. Decreasing the immune system is one of how alcohol intake harms our bodies. Persons who continually take alcohol are making their immunity to be weaker and weaker.

Our cells are always dividing, and there are many ways the cell can become malignant. However, the body is usually alert and will kill the cells that see abnormal. Drinking alcohol will weaken the immunity reducing its alertness in identifying malignant cells which will result in tumors.

Since there is no way to rid cancer from your body when it gets in, it would be much beneficial to prevent it by shunning from alcohol or taking very small amounts of it. Alcoholism is also like an illness but the good thing about it compared to cancer is that it is reversible. Thus, if you are a person seeking to stop alcohol intake to be safe from cancer, you can get help from a medical center or rehab center.

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