Decorating Options for a Three- season Room

Seasonal rooms have a special aura because their use is limited. Opening up the room for a few months each year is a special treat and knowing it is a fleeting one makes enjoying it even more important. There are no special rules that apply to decorating these interior rooms but many decorators prefer to use exterior touches because the room is so closely tied to the seasons.

Picking the Colors

The colors used in the room can coordinate with the exterior colors used on the home, mesh with adjoining rooms or be entirely unique. Most people enjoy using white to keep the space clean and bright. Many experts recommend pairing the white with splashes of bold color. Shades found in nature, like blue and green, are popular choices. Another option is to make it more woodsy or rustic with lots of natural products, stained wood and neutral fabrics.

Choosing the Furnishings

Using durable materials designed for outdoor use is common since most rooms of this type have direct access to the exterior of the home. These types of furnishings are able to withstand the moisture and outside debris that sometimes makes its way through the door. Wicker or rattan furniture are good choices because they have an appealing look and are able to withstand the temperature extremes that are common in these spaces.

Adding Some Accessories

Great options for accessories would include bringing a little bit of whatever is outside into the room. This helps to create a bridge between the interior of the home and nature. An ocean side home could use nautical themed items or driftwood, a suburban home may decorate with fresh flowers picked from the garden just outside the door and a cabin in the woods could incorporate dishes of pine cones or even moss-draped birdcages.

Many seasonal rooms have few changes made from year to year because they are only open for a short period of time. The homeowner may not think about them as quickly as they would the rooms they are in every day. Avoid allowing the room to become dated by making at least one update every year.